confessed by anonymous

confessed by anonymous, "belldom makes me horny as fucking fuck"

Anonymous asked:
Best. Blog. Ever. For real. I have a question. That's probably really stupid. Am I the only one that hasn't read Wicked? Everyone talks about it, but I've never found a link to it, but from what other people say about it, it sounds good, haha. I hope this blog gets bigger, because it's a great one! :)

ooooh, if you want to read wicked you can here!

and also thank you. :)


i am going to lick dom’s sweaty neck

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confessed by museismybliss, "I would  wear a leopard lingerie for Dom, if we fuck."

confessed by anonymous, "matt’s drawn on veins were the sexiest things ever."

confessed by anonymous

confessed by anonymous

Anonymous asked:
i fucking love you for making this blog <3

I love you too, anon~

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